World’s Smallest Cellphone Jammer Blocks GSM and 3G Signals

Evan Selleck - Dec 1, 2010, 12:34pm CST
World’s Smallest Cellphone Jammer Blocks GSM and 3G Signals

Ever wanted to have the ability to block close-range cellphone signals? If so, and you didn’t want to do it in such a way that you draw the attention of everyone around you, then perhaps the self-proclaimed “world’s smallest cellphone jammer” should find its way onto your Christmas list. If the small size isn’t enough, maybe the device’s clever design will be enough to sway you for a purchase.

The world’s smallest cellphone jammer is designed to work within a small range, so if you wanted to take out a large swath of cellphone users, you’re out of luck. The device is able to take out GSM and 3G signals, all within a 34-foot radius. When the device is activated, and there’s a cellphone with the correct frequency in play, the user on the phone will suddenly be attacked by static, instead of the person’s voice on the other line.

As we mentioned above, the world’s smallest cellphone jammer is available to purchase right now. It only costs $46. However, here’s something to think about, if you’re in the United States and think this is something for you: it’s illegal to use a cellphone jammer in these parts. The fine? $11,000, on top of the year in prison you could find yourself in. Laws are different all around the world, though.

[via TechnaBob]

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