World’s fastest data transfer – 25.6TB per second

Chris Scott Barr - Mar 30, 2007

Just how much data can you possibly transmit in a single second? Well if you’re Alcatel/Lucent you can squeeze 25.6TB over a strand of fiber strand in just one second.

This now makes them king of speed. The previous record was a mere 14TB/s. I bet compared to the new speed, transferring data at 14TB/s must feel like dial-up internet.

I wouldn’t know what to do with that kind of bandwidth. I thought I had a ton of files, but I don’t even have 2TB worth of data, let alone 25.6. I suppose with that speed you could download the Internet in it’s entirety. Yup, the whole thing.

World Record Transfer Speed Set: 25.6TB per Second [via gizmodo]

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