World War Z trailer never mentions zombies

Zombies are incredibly popular right now thanks in large part to The Walking Dead. A zombie movie that has been in the works for a long time, based on the book World War Z will be coming to theaters this summer. The movie features Brad Pitt in the lead and the latest trailer for the film doesn't mention zombies anywhere.

You see the hordes of zombies, which act a lot like ants swarming over the environment and people, but the trailer gives you no close ups and no indication of exactly what people are fighting. Another thing that the trailer doesn't shed any light on is exactly why Brad Pitt's character and his family are important to saving the world.

It appears as though he may be some sort of soldier or doctor, but that's unclear. If you watched the first trailer for the film, you may remember the close-up of one of the zombies that many have criticized for being too computer rendered. It looks like the trailer has tried to go more mainstream by not talking about zombies and instead taking a worldwide pandemic feel.

There is good reason for this movie to not talk up zombies. Zombie genre flicks haven't exactly made huge amounts of money at the box office. The top zombie-themed films have grossed around $100 million at the box office. World War Z reportedly cost over $170 million to make so the film need a big box office take.

[via Screenrant]