World Of Warcraft Gets An Artifact Fishing Pole

World of Warcraft is famous for many things. Most notably, it's the most successful MMO that has existed. What it's not know for is how much fun its fishing profession is. The main reason for that is despite having been around for the entire span of the game, it is arguably the most boring thing that you can spend your time doing.

The upcoming Legion expansion is pegged to bring about some new changes to the world, many of which I'm pretty excited about. While Blizzard was hard at work on the other big changes, they apparently paid some attention to the most boring aspect of the game. Sadly, it's not getting any sort of overhaul, but we will see a new artifact fishing pole called the Underlight Angler, which looks pretty badass.

If you've not heard about the new artifacts being introduced in Legion, they're pretty interesting. These weapons will be the only ones that drop in the new expansion, and they will be class and spec-specific. The weapons will level up with you, as you play, and will have their own traits and abilities.

Until now, there were only 36 artifact weapons that had been announced – one for each class spec. The fact that they're adding in a special one just for fishing is pretty neat. Some of the special abilities you'll see on the pole are the ability to walk on water, teleporting to the nearest fishing node, becoming a fish, and being able to catch certain types of fish.

VIA: Kotaku