World Of Warcraft Dell XPS Notebooks Urges You To Scream "For The Horde!"

So Dell, not too long ago, sold a pair of WoW customized laptops for charity, well, now you can buy one for yourself without the charity price. The customizations aren't all external with some cool decals slapped on a XPS M1730, they went all out.

Inside, they start buy going ahead and installing both versions of WoW, the original World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade as well as all major client patches, and as time goes on, as long as they are still selling this laptop, they'll continue to test and pre-install the latest patches. They also load up the system with customized WoW screensavers and backgrounds.

You can get the laptop in your choice of Horde or Alliance, which one you choose determines what the lid of your laptop looks like, as well as what backgrounds and screensavers your system comes pre-loaded with. With your system you also get a Quest Envelope, a WoW backpack full of stuff, and then your computer, obviously.

The Quest Envelope comes separate from the system via certified overnight mail and contains some interesting things including a Golden Ticket, the Blizzard Beta Club Card, and the Collector's Edition Account Upgrade Certificate. The Golden Ticket nets you a real life figurine of your character with weapons and armor of your choice, this is done by FingerPrints, and they pull your characters data off the server to make your figurine. The Blizzard Beta Club Card gets you into the next 5 betas including the Wrath of the Lich King. The Collector's Edition Account Upgrade is right now only good for a special pet in the game.

Now for the Backpack, it has the WoW BattleChest which has full, retail versions of WoW and the Burning Crusade as well as WarCraft III and the Frozen Throne expansion for it as well as the strategy guide for both. It also has the WoW soundtrack, a making of WoW behind the scenes DVD, the Heroes of Azeroth and Through the Dark Portal starter decks for the WoW trading card game, the BradyGames WoW strategy guide, the Burning Crusade Strategy guide, the Rise of the Horde book, and the Tides of Darkness book.

Now then for the notebook, you get an XPS M1730 customized for WoW, it has a 17" HD LCD, illuminated speaker grills and faction honor badges, a backlit keyboard, an integrated Logitech GamePanel LCD stats tracker, nVidia SLI with an AGEIA PhysX mobile card setup (that's better than any pre-configured desktop I've ever seen), and the rest is the standard XPS M1730 notebook configuration. If you want it, it will cost you a cool $4500 with the base configuration, which if I do say so myself, is far from basic, me want. And finally, "FOR THE HORDE!!!"

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