World of Warcraft Classic demo: get an early look inside

BlizzCon 2018 is almost here, and this year Blizzard is treating its dedicated fans that purchase the Virtual Ticket to a demo for the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic, a new version of the MMO that's based specifically on how it was back in 2016. Virtual Ticket holders have been able to pre-load the demo this week, but it's not open to players until the event's keynote presentation on November 2nd. However, that hasn't stopped one clever YouTuber from getting inside and taking an early peek at what's available.

YouTuber Dodgy Kebaab got his hands on a version of the WoW Classic demo that had been leaked through Discord chats, he told Eurogamer. Using a sandbox emulator he was able to trick the client to letting him in early, including the ability to explore the environment.

There wasn't much else to do, of course, as the demo wasn't connected to Blizzard's servers, meaning there were no other players or NPCs to interact with, and it wasn't possible to get an early start on quests or leveling activities. But as Dodgy Kebaab's channel is mainly focused on getting inside demo and beta games, he used the opportunity to compare the WoW Classic demo to how vanilla WoW actually ran back in 2006.

A detailed video has posted highlighting the graphical changes between the two versions, including textures, lighting, and UI. What's also neat is that the demo includes an option to play it with the graphics from the original game, offering a true classic experience.

Once the WoW Classic demo goes live, it's set to feature leveling zones for 15-19 and the ability to engage in duels, however there won't be access to dungeons or world PVP. The demo will run from November 2nd until 9am PT on November 8th. BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Tickets are still available for $49.99, and include all access to the event's panels and presentations via live streams.

SOURCE Dodgy Kebaab/YouTube, Eurogamer