World's fastest RC car hits record 188 mph

If you blink your eyes, then you will probably miss the bright orange and blue streak whizz past you in a fraction of a second. Focus and maybe whip your head fast enough and you'll get to catch a glimpse of Nic Case's R/C Bullet, a remote controlled car that pushes the speed limit over the 188 mph mark. Yes, it also breaks some records and gives the likes of Jaguar and BMW a run for their money.

Nic Case is well known in the circuits for creating RC cars that push the limits. In an earlier run we saw the car tip 184 mph. This new number of 188mph pits the R/C car as the World's Fastest R/C Car. Past Guinness World Records for R/C cars broken by Nic include top-speed of 161.76 in 2008 and 171.97 in November of 2013.

The video above goes to show how fast this amazing shuttle-like car zips past. So much so that if it weren't for the loud noise, we wouldn't even realize that the car has passed us by. To put into perspective, Autoblog has brought out some valid comparisons. For example, the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe has a top-speed of 186 miles per hour, while the BMW M5 is capped to run at 155mph max.

Nic's speed racing career has a rather interesting, if not tragic, history. In March last year, the 50-year old practically quit after having no improvement in their latest runs. However, the death of his 17-year old nephew Chris Casey by what he called a "hit-and-lie" driver pushed him to take up the work again, resulting in breaking the record in November 2013. All his runs, as well as his record-breaking success, are dedicated to celebrating his nephew's short life.

Details on the car and its workings will not be available for almost a year. Predictably to keep things under wraps till all legalities are covered.

SOURCE: RCgroups