Works With Chromebook badge helps you pick the right accessories

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has made working from home more than just a luxury or privilege. A "WFH" setup, however, requires a few things, like a good Internet connection and, sometimes, the right accessories to make using computers easier. This will unsurprisingly lead to a surge in accessory sales, not to mention some individuals that might want to take advantage of the chaos and uncertainty. To make sure you're getting the right kind of partners for your Chrome OS device, Google has created a new badge to clearly mark those certified accessories from those without its blessing.

Technically speaking, some accessories will really work with Chromebooks even without that badge. That's because of how these computers use standard connectors and technologies that should, in theory, work universally with compatible accessories. A Bluetooth or USB mouse, for example, should work anywhere, and USB-C chargers that meet the required voltage should juice up your Chromebooks as well.

In practice, however, the accessory market can be pretty confusing, especially when it comes to USB-C peripherals. That's not to mention accessories that don't actually deliver what they advertise on labels. At this period of uncertainty and confusion, people will want something they can trust and rely on.

That's what Google's "Works With Chromebook" badge is trying to bring, something akin to Apple's Made For iPhone or MFi certification. Accessories with this badge come with the guarantee of having been tested for compliance with Google's Chromebook compatibility standards, whether or not they were designed with the Chromebook in mind specifically.

These badges will start appearing on certified accessories in the US, Canada, and Japan, both in stores and in online retailers. These accessories come from a wide variety of brands like Anker, Belkin, Kensington, Logitech, and more, covering an equally wide variety of devices from chargers to hubs to cables.