Workers still seek treatment after December iPad plant explosion

According to the NPR, hours after Apple inspectors left an iPad manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China where the iPad is produced an explosion struck. The explosion occurred in December of last year, and it happened in a facility other than the one the New York Times investigated. Last week, NPR reports that it met with 25 of the workers of his injured in the Shanghai explosion. The workers claim that it had been inspected by Apple hours before the blast.

The photo you see here is of a few of Apple workers who were burned in the explosion who are still being treated at the hospital. The explosion occurred in a portion of the building where the aluminum back for the iPad is polished. Worker He Wenwen says that he was calibrating his machine when the explosion hit. He says that he saw fireball coming towards him.

The upper part of his face was burned in the blast. The explosion was blamed on the buildup of aluminum particles and dust from the polishing process. The factory owner, Pegatron, said the explosion started in equipment that collects those particles. Some workers allege that they were never told the aluminum dust could cause an explosion. Some workers also alleged that the day explosion occurred managers had told them to clean up because the inspectors were coming.

"I saw a fireball coming towards me," says He. "I lost consciousness for a few seconds. Later, when I opened my eyes, I saw dense smoke and fire everywhere. I felt scared, really scared. I could hear people crying and screaming."

[via NPR]