WordPress Finally Streamlined To Work With Your iPhone

If you are anything like me, you probably instantly thought that this was something you had to pull down from Installer, which meant you had to have a hacked device. Well its not, it's a WP plugin, which means you have to install it into WP, and then you can access it from the web browser, no iPhone/iPod Touch hacking required.

It converts the whole WP-Admin interface into a mobile Safari friendly interface. With this you can write, and manage existing posts right from your iPhone. And to keep things speedy, it automatically strips everything down to its bare HTML essentials, but it also GZIPs everything before it's sent to the iPhone, which means it should work rather well even on the EDGE network.

The guys running WPhone also have a plugin for other mobile browsers that don't support JS, so, if you, and your fellow bloggers are on the go a lot, setting this up might not be a bad idea. The only problem I can see is how I'd download pics, and then upload them into the WP post, although I suppose I could do it via URL and then just put the pic into our gallery and change the link once I got access to an actual computer.

WordPress admin interface optimized to work with iPhone, other mobile phones [via intomobile]