Wooting One analog keyboard hits Kickstarter

A few months ago, I wrote about an interesting new keyboard that was being worked on. Usually when a keyboard has a new feature, it's related to lighting, or displaying some sort of additional information. However, the Wooting One promises to do something that no other keyboard on the market can do.

Every keyboard you've ever used uses digital switches. This means that they have exactly two positions that they track. They're either on, or they're off. Pressed, or not pressed. This is exactly what you'd want for a device whose primary function is to type. However, when it comes to gaming, this digital input isn't always the most intuitive. When used for movement, you can either go full speed, or not at all. That's an edge that consoles have, as both Microsoft and Sony include analog sticks on their controllers.

The Wooting One is the answer to analog input for the PC gamer. All of the switches on this keyboard are completely analog. This means that instead of sending a signal that's a 1 or a 0, it communicates the exact state that the key is in. Check out the gif below to see what I'm talking about.

Today, Wooting opened up their Kickstarter in order to get the remaining funds they need to complete production on their keyboard. At the time of writing, they project is already almost completely funded. They also revealed some of the more intricate details of their product.

The keyboard will have full RGB coloring in 4 "clusters" that you can change independently. The keys use either Red or Blue Flaretech switches. These can actually be swapped out on an individual basis, to create the most comfortable feel. When you decide which switches you want, you'll receive 4 additional ones of the other type, just in case you want to swap them out on your WASD, or any other four keys.

Most importantly, the keyboard can be easily switched into digital mode. This will allow the keyboard to operate exactly like any other. So you don't have to worry about having a different keyboard around just for typing, or anything. If you want to get your own, you'll need to pledge $156. Expected delivery is sometime in November of this year.

Source: Kickstarter