Woot-sold XOOM refurb-tablets contain previous owners data

Motorola has announced this week that XOOM units sold through Woot.com's refurbish and sell program in the past few months may have previous users data aboard. This mishap stems from improperly reformatted devices being brought in to various dealers in the last year, the groups leading up to Woot's resale having not taken measures necessary to assure a clean wipe of the memory these devices held. Motorola is offering up a free two-year membership to an Experian credit monitoring system to make sure their bank account information specifically is not taken advantage of.

Those of you who turned their XOOM in for cash back between March and October of 2011 should be the ones worrying, as this is the period inside which Motorola has tagged most likely to have had their data stuck on the devices. If you knew what you were doing and did wipe your device properly before turning it in to the store, you'll be just fine. Those of you who were at the time new to Android and did not know how to properly reset your device before exchanging it for cash, know this: Best Buy, BJ's Wholesale, eBay, Office Max, Radio Shack, Sam's Club, and Staples all had the program in-tact at the time and you might want to check out Motorola's new program to fix up your situation.

Personal data as well as photos and video may still be at risk, and Motorola is attempting to sew up the situation at their customer support line at 1-800-734-5870 or back at their Motorola Xoom Return website. Wouldn't want those XOOMs to be the end of your future in Android! Those of you still looking to pick up a XOOM, they're pretty inexpensive if you know where to look. Have a peek at our history with the world's first tablet-specific Android in the timeline below!