Woojer Ryg haptic feedback vest supports all gaming platforms

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 12, 2018, 1:56 pm CDT
Woojer Ryg haptic feedback vest supports all gaming platforms

Company Woojer is seeking funding for Ryg, a haptic feedback vest that supports “pretty much” all gaming consoles, VR systems, PC games, and smartphones. The device adds a new layer of experience to one’s gaming sessions, enabling players to feel actions in their body as they happen on the screen. This can include, for example, feeling the roar of a dinosaur rumble in one’s chest.

The Woojer Ryg has an integrated 7.1 surround card, eight haptic feedback zones, and an oscillating frame actuator inside each of those zones. These “Osci” actuators, as Woojer calls them, are said to be three time more powerful than any similar components used in competing products.

Despite offering “seismic wave” tier power, Woojer claims, the company says its Ryg vest is lightweight. The device was created with plug-and-play functionality to automatically detect the wearer’s audio signal — there’s Bluetooth that’ll get future OTA updates, 3.5mm headphone output, and stereo wired line-in with microphone.

As far as construction goes, the vest was made with materials that can be wiped down, and there’s an add-on removable, washable lining. The vest weighs 5.4lbs and is described as “one size fits all.” Buyers can get an optional PC mounting rig, as well as up to two extra battery packs. The 5200mAh battery offers up to eight hours of use during play time.

Woojer has exceeded its funding goal on Kickstarter, where it still accepting pledges. Backers are offered the early bird Ryg for pledges of $549 USD or more with shipping set to start in December 2018 (if everything goes as planned).

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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