Wooden MacBook model with hand-drawn detailing

It may look like an Apple MacBook – albeit one pretty thoroughly bleached – but this is actually a school project.  Kyle Buckner crafted this 3/4-scale MacBook model out of wood, with a hand-cut working hinge, and then filled in the details with a pencil.

When we say "the details", we really do mean all of them.  Buckner drew all of the screws, all of the keyboard markings, everything on-screen, all by hand onto the white painted wood.  While it obviously won't be much use for mobile computing, the wooden MacBook does have something the real version lacks: pull the tab in the center, and a great long splurge of dock unfurls.

The piece was created in response to a school project challenging students to create a "bookart".  Now all Kyle needs to do is hollow out the casing and stuff the guts of a Hackint0sh MSI Wind inside, for his own unique Apple netbook.