Wooden iPhones all the rage with simple conversion kits

Third party iPhone accessory makers have taken the next step in iPhone personalization with solid wood back panels – not a case, not a skin, but an actual real replacement for the glass back you've grown tired of. There are two different groups I'd like to share with you here, one of them a bit more expensive with a wider range of options, the other more affordable and keeping with the simplicity. Both of these groups offer backs for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Material 6

The first of two groups we're taking a peek at here is the group known as Material 6, these guys offering up wood backs that range from $89 USD all the way up to $99 USD, with the option of adding your very own custom engraving for $5 USD. In this set of backs, you'll get options in Walnut, Lacewood, Maple, and a few artist series backs, these pre-cut masterpieces being the ones that cost the extra $10. It's the customizable back that you make yourself that makes this group all the more worthwhile – download your own template and go wild! Available now in their online shop.

Have a peek at the process you'll be going through with each different iPhone wooden back replacement kit here, courtesy of Material 6:


The other option you've got here is Monolith's $55 back panel, available in Oak, Teak, or Walnut. You'll also be able to get these backs in iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S models, each of them looking just fabulous in their natural state. Monolith also goes so far as to show off their packaging which, you must appreciate, looks rather nice. The Monolith Solid Wood iPhone Back Panel will be available in early February 2012 via their online shop.