Wood clad Steampunk gun shoots NERF bullets

Shane McGlaun - Sep 28, 2011, 8:07am CDT
Wood clad Steampunk gun shoots NERF bullets

Yep, want. We are fans of geeky steampunk gear around these parts and while this project might not be as awesome as that steampunk apartment I talked about a while back, it is much cheaper and you don’t have to move to NYC to get your own. This cool steampunk DIY gun started life as a NERF N-Strike Barricade gun.

A geek going by faustus70 then took some planks from an old antique wood chair to cover the weapon and secured that old wood to the gun using some hand cut aluminum straps and rivets. Any kid (or adult) wielding this bad boy will be the master of the neighborhood NERF war.

It still works and has a magazine that holds ten whistler darts inside. The darts are fired with help from an electric system and power comes from AA batteries. The scope on top of the gun offers three times magnification to snipe your enemy from afar. Apparently the guy was offering the gun on Etsy for sale at $300.

[via Technabob]

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