Awesome Steampunk Apartment Available In NYC

If you are a fan of homes that aren't traditional and love steampunk this apartment in NYC will really impress you. The apartment is up for sale and is located in the Manhattan Chelsea area. The apartment is done in painstaking detail in very geek chic steampunk style and everywhere you look the apartment screams cool.

The place isn't cheap as you can imagine being in NYC and then being fitted with so much detail. The seller is asking $1,750,000 and the purchase of the apartment comes with all the furnishings. I have no idea how large the place is. The photos don't make the apartment look particularly small.

It is fully featured with a nice kitchen and appears to have one bathroom and one bedroom. One thing that does jump out is the big private terrace that the apartment has. Anyone that lives in this place will certainly have the admiration of geeks all around the world that are into steampunk. The apartment has a very movie set feel to it.

[via WSJ]