Wonky Pigeon lets gamers 'destroy city with poo'

Getting tired of playing games as a goat, but don't find ordinary human characters interesting enough? Late last week a new game launched on Steam called Wonky Pigeon, and in it you play as a pigeon who, apparently, is able to channel his dark side (as if pigeons possess anything more). The gamer is tasked with flying above a city and, it appears, a farm of some sort and identifying targets — that is, people who are going about their own business until, out of nowhere, the pigeon unleashes its most foul weapon.

The game is currently in Early Access, where the game's page says it will remain for two or three months. The creator stated over the weekend that the controls are being improved — that seems to be the only complaint about the game at this point — but otherwise it looks like a fine complement to one's Goat Simulator library. Edit: the fix was just pushed out.

The game's graphics are realistic enough, but with a cartoon-y slant, and there's a split-screen "coop mode" because, says the game's creator, "two pigeons are better than one." There's also a "poo cam" for directing the projectile to its final destination, and the mission directive to "use a pigeon to destroy a city with poo."

Why? The game's description says that "humans did a bad joke to the pigeon," and now the pigeons are "angry with humans." It's unclear what this diabolical practical joke was that provoked such revenge. The pigeon sounds are made by John J. Dick, the voice actor behind Serious Sam, according to the Steam page. The game is priced at $8.99 USD right now, though its regular price is $9.99 USD.

SOURCE: Kotaku