WonderMedia SmartStream makes Intel WiDi generic

Intel's Wireless Display technology is slowly proliferating among laptops, but WonderMedia reckon their SmartStream system knocks it into a cocked hat.  The media adapter uses the company's PRIZM SoC to stream content via ethernet or WiFi from any notebook or PC, pumping it out on your HDTV complete with two-way communications for controlling the computer even if it's in another room.

A USB port on the SmartStream box allows you to plug in a keyboard or mouse (or perhaps one of those combination keyboard/trackball HTPC remotes).  There's no hardware to be plugged into the PC, though we're guessing you do have to install some software; still, unlike Intel's WiDi you don't need a certain processor/GPU before you can use it.

WonderMedia also bill the adapter as ideal for wireless office presentations, and interestingly a diagram on their site shows it working with smartphones too.  No word on pricing or availability – nor what sort of ports the SmartStream box has, though we're guessing HDMI, ethernet, and maybe some sort of analog outputs too – but the price to beat is the $99.99 Netgear charge for their Intel WiDi box.

Press Release:

WonderMedia PRIZM Brings the PC to the TV, No Strings Attached

WonderMedia's SmartStream solution allows users to wirelessly stream HD video from their PC to their TV, as well as use applications, play online games, share photos and more

Taipei, Taiwan, April 26, 2010 – WonderMedia Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of feature-rich system-on-chip platforms, today announced the WonderMedia SmartStream. Based on the WonderMedia PRIZM system-on-chip (SoC), SmartStream is a low latency, cost effective Wireless Display (WiDi) device that uses Wi-Fi or Ethernet to allow a user to view and control a PC on their television.

Unlike other WiDi solutions that can only be used with high-end PCs from specific vendors using specific components, or those using proprietary solutions such as wireless HDMI that require an additional device on the PC side, SmartStream works with any modern PC and is able to scale its performance to provide optimal results for any given computer's configuration.

A small accessory connected to the TV, WonderMedia SmartStream offers two-way communication between the PC and the TV. While most WiDi solutions can only control content on the TV via the PC, SmartStream allows it to be controlled from the TV side, meaning it's not necessary for the PC to be in the same room as the television.

"SmartStream marks the end of having to drag cables across a room to connect up a projector or TV to your PC," said Tzumu Lin, President and CEO, WonderMedia Technologies, Inc. "With more and more people getting their HD video entertainment online, here's a way to watch it and control it on your big-screen TV from the comfort of your living room sofa."

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WonderMedia SmartStream Availability

SmartStream solutions are currently available in Taiwan and Mainland China retail channels through HiPlus. Please see www.hiplus.com.tw/up/up_product.html for more details.