Wonder Woman's First Solo Game Was Just Announced And No One Saw It Coming

The DC comics franchise sprawls many properties that revolve around its heroes, from printed materials and animated films to live-action movies and games. The lion's share of attention has been given to Superman and Batman, but fans are aware of how important a third hero is in the DC universe. Wonder Woman has been given a bunch of attention recently, especially now that Gal Godot has taken on the role, and now she's finally getting her own solo game.

Unbalanced Trinity

There will definitely be a lot of discussions about who is at the center of the DC universe, but few will probably contest that Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are its pillars. The Amazon princess proved herself an equal match to the strength, intelligence, and conviction of DC's two male icons, but Wonder Woman didn't always get the same treatment in terms of merchandise and products until lately. Wonder Woman's appearances in recent DC films, as well as recent socio-political events, may have contributed to a renewed interest in the character, and that is now extending to video games.

DC has launched a large number of video games based on its heroes, but few have actually enjoyed having a solo title. Batman may have the most memorable game titles, but there have been a few Superman games, as well. While Wonder Woman hasn't been absent in video games, she is almost always just part of an ensemble rather than on her own.

There is one recorded solo Wonder Woman title, but it's probably something better left forgotten. MIC reported back in 2017 about a Flash game titled "Wonder Woman: Last Woman Standing," and it was noted to be a terrible one. Since it's a Flash title, it's unplayable today anyway, which is probably for the best.

Wonder Woman Goes Solo

Fast-forward to the end of 2021 and The Game Awards dropped the solo game bombshell. No one saw a solo Wonder Woman title coming, not even the usual leakers, giving this surprise announcement more impact — and that's definitely a good thing.

As with any initial teaser, the brief trailer doesn't reveal much aside from what could be the entire premise of the game. Queen Hippolyta is summoning her daughter home to face a new threat, and Wonder Woman will have to take on the role of a leader this time. No date has been given for the game just yet, but it is being developed by Monolith, creators of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, so expectations are running high.