Woman's eye has blood vessel spelling "love"

This week's oddity surfaced recently on Reddit, where a user uploaded a YouTube video of her mother's eye — specifically, of a blood vessel in the eye. In what is a seemingly very unlikely coincidence, the vein spells out the word "love" in a quite legible script, if it can be called that.

Sometimes the randomness around us manages to form something seemingly not random at all, and such was the case with this woman's eye. Eye tattoos have been done, but the Redditor who uploaded the video assures its curious viewers that the "love" in her mom's eye is merely a natural blood vessel.

Check it out in the video above. The blood vessel quite clearly spells out the word "love", capital L included. Unusual? Yes. Subjected to an unbearable number of "Love at first sight" jokes from everyone who catches her eye? Probably.

SOURCE: Gizmodo