Woman tweets pics of Southwest jet during emergency landing

If I am on an airline flight and hear a giant explosion and then a hole rips in the aircraft the things on my mind aren't going to be lining up the best shots with my cell phone so I can tweet them. I guess if you think you are about to die tweeting pics is one way to make yourself feel better. With the bonus of getting a bit of fame if the plane ends up landing safely.

A woman named Shawna Redden was on a Southwest airlines flight that had to make an emergency landing in Arizona recently after a 6-foot long hole suddenly ripped into the top of the aircraft. I thought a hole on the aircraft meant that people got sucked out like in Lost, but this was rather uneventful other than a few people reportedly fainting. I wager more than a few pair of underwear were destroyed during the incident too.

It seems as far is in-air disasters goes this one was mild. No one was injured even though the aircraft made an emergency landing and the oxygen masks deployed. I will say this to Redden, you have balls and you make that yellow mask look good.

[via Mashable]