Woman gets 152 Facebook friends' profile pics tattooed on arm

People are just plain weird sometimes. I like Facebook as much as the next guy. It's a great place to keep up with all those people you sort of know but don't want to spent time with in real life. It's also a great place to find things to mock your pals about since most tend to over share on the social network. One woman has taken her love of Facebook and the folks on her friends list to an extreme level.

The woman has taken the profile pics of her 152 Facebook friends and had them all tattooed on her arm with a sleeve. I like my friends well enough but I am not putting anything on my body that is permanent with anyone's face or name on it. I know a guy that had his wife's name tattooed on his arm, he is now divorced. What exactly happens now?

It's a good thing that this woman only had 152 friends. If she had 3,000 it would have been a full body tat for sure. The thing that blows my mind about this is that I would bet some of those friends are only people she vaguely knows. I wonder what the woman will do if she removes someone from the list. Perhaps a big red "X" tattooed on their profile pic. I can also see some of the people being pissed that she tattooed their face on her arm with a profile pic that was funny looking. This is so much worse than the guy that had that 3DS augmented reality card tattooed on his arm.

[via Buzzfeed]