Woman caught smuggling 44 iPhones in her stockings

Rue Liu - Jan 26, 2011
Woman caught smuggling 44 iPhones in her stockings

Maybe she needed presents for all of her grandchildren or is possibly Lady GaGa’s fashion coordinator?  A woman at Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport was caught attempting to smuggle forty four iPhone 4’s in her stockings.  Forty four iPhones. In her stockings.

Custom officials noticed her, an Israeli woman in her sixties, because the added bulk and weight from the devices made her gait conspicuously awkward.  When approached she told them that she was not feeling well.  Nice try. The custom officials had the woman walk through a full-body scanner and discovered the 44 iPhones under her attire.  The woman was coming back from London where she presumably acquired the iPhones. So how did she make it out of London’s security with an Apple Store in her stockings?

You might expect the Israeli custom officials to be surprised, but on the day before they stopped another smuggler trying to bring in eight rare birds hidden on the smuggler’s body.  The lady was released pending a decision on whether to indict her or simply give her a fine.

[Via MSN]

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