WolframAlpha can now tell you what flights are overhead

Generally, if you are using a search engine to search flights you will be looking for a flight that is taking off or landing. You would get nothing other than a list of flights with departure and arrival times. WolframAlpha has a new sort of flight search app that is very cool and would be lots of fun to use for kids and adults.

The new WolframAlpha flight search service that has just launched. If you see a big jet shining in the air above you at 36,000 feet you can ask WolframAlpha what flights are overhead. The search engine will use your location and tell you literally what flight that plane you see overhead is. If there are multiple flights in your area, it will give details on all of them.

The cool part is that it can tell you what altitude the flight is at and at what angle the plane is from you so you can find it. It also has details on the flights that show the type of plane along with the airline and flight number. The new "flights overhead" search query works on the desktop version of the WolframAlpha search and on the desktop version. This is the perfect thing for those "daddy, where is that airplane going" questions my daughter asks me each time we see a jet in the air.

[via Searchengineland]