Wolfenstein: The Old Blood now available

As promised, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is now available, bringing with it Nazis in zombie form. We previously detailed the game (and we've a trailer after the jump if you're particularly keen on seeing it for yourself), and as expected it has arrived for those playing on the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, or PC. The game takes place in 1946 as the second World War is coming to its end, being set before The New Order with a pair of intertwining stories.

The Old Blood is set 14 years before The New Order, having gamers play at B.J. Blazkowicz as he goes back to Castle Wolfenstein. The gamer seeks General Deathshead, while later on in the game he will be in the town of Wolfsburg. There an archaeologist is searching for artifacts that will, if he's successful, bring about the Nazi zombies.

Those who played The New Order will find that The Old Blood is largely new, including everything from the locations to the weapons. You can get an idea of the feel the makers were going for in the trailer above, then see additional gameplay footage in the launch trailer below.

Whether you grab the game through Steam or one of the console game stores, you'll have a $19.99 USD price tag. It's a standalone offering, as well — you'll not need to have The New Order to enjoy this somewhat simplistic title. Hit up the timeline below for more!