WODE Jukebox stand adds homebrew to Wii

There were many Xbox 360 users that found out the hard way when Microsoft started banning modded consoles that mods can bite you in the rear. If you like the idea of modding your Wii, but you don't want to tear the thing open and start soldering, the WODE Jukebox stand may be perfect for you.

WODE stands for Wii Optical Drive Emulator doesn't require you to solder anything, but you do have to open the Wii and move some ribbon cables around. The WODE stand hooks between the Wii's optical drive and the Wii itself and allows the mounting of ISO files.

The stand has a USB port that lets you connect external drives that have homebrew software on them and it has a SD card slot as well. The front of the stand has a LCD and a joystick to allow you to navigate the files you want to load. The WODE Jukebox sells for $95.46