WM6 for Treo 750 sees the daylight – leaked ROM

Ewdison Then - Jul 29, 2007, 4:36 pm CDT
WM6 for Treo 750 sees the daylight – leaked ROM

If you are one of Treo 750 owner that has been patiently waiting for a Windows Mobile 6 ROM from Palm or your provider should rejoice today as the Internet has saved you from the annoying wait and see phase. Windows Mobile 6 ROM was on the loose and available for download since yesterday.

This is not an official release from Palm or Treo 750’s carriers, but a leaked ROM. Here is the list of changes we know so far and many users on XDA forum has vouch for this ROM validity.

AT&T Mail, AT&T Music, Games, MS Office Mobile, Active Sync, Calculator, Camera, Cellular Video, File Explorer, Get Telenav, GetGood, Get MobiTV, Internet Sharing, Notes, PDF Viewer (Picsel), Proxy Manager (ATA&T Proxy), Quick Tour, Remote Desktop Mobile, Search, SIM Manager, Sounds, Tasks, Windows Media, and Voice Command 1.6 is included.

[via bgr]

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