Withings unveils world's first Internet connected baby and toddler scale

One of the many things that new parents can become obsessed with is their baby's weight. Parents want to be sure that the baby is getting enough nutrition and growing as the little one is supposed to. Sften they end up standing on their own scale holding the baby and doing math to try to figure out if their little one is gaining weight, as they should. This fascination with being sure your child grows appropriately is understandable and encouraged by many pediatricians.

Withings is the maker of the interesting Internet connected scale for adults that will share your weight with social networking sites if you want it to. The company has just launched a new Internet connected scale and the United States specifically made for children. The scale is called the Withings Smart Kid Scale and the company says that it can help parents keep kids interested in maintaining a healthy weight from a young age.

The scale has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allowing it to connect with your smart phone and an app called the Withings Baby Companion application. The app allows parents to track the history of the child's weight readings allowing them to share readings with doctors and family. The child's scale has a weight range of zero through 55 pounds.

The scale accuracy is within 10 g. The scale also features a large graphical display with 120 x 58 pixel resolution and power comes from for AAA batteries. The scale is designed to be used for children from infancy up to eight years old. The scale also allows parents to track height in addition to weight and the scale ships with a folding, interlocking baby basket for infants. The scale is available now for $179.95.

[via Withings]