Withings Smart Body Analyzer scale now shipping

Shane McGlaun - Mar 20, 2013, 8:00am CDT
Withings Smart Body Analyzer scale now shipping

Withings has made some interesting products over the last few years. This is the company that unveiled the Internet connected scale with the ability to share your weight via social networks to help you meet your goals. The company has unveiled its latest product called the Smart Body Analyzer.

The new scale promises to be a one-stop health tracking scale with the ability to measure heart rate and air quality along with traditional measurements of user weight and body composition. The scale supports up to eight different users. The device is able to provide information on the users weight, fat mass percentage, and heart rate.

Withings says that the resting heart rate is a good indicator of overall physical health of the user. The product is able to recognize each of the eight different users and uploads information directly to the users dashboard on their smartphone for tracking. Other features of the scale include an air quality monitor that can keep an eye on environmental statistics such as temperature and carbon dioxide monitoring.

Withings says that carbon dioxide monitoring is important because high levels can produce adverse health effects such as poor sleep quality, headaches, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and more. The scale interfaces with an app that is available for the Android and iOS platforms. The app will show the user their body mass index, fat mass, and heart rate and the data can be shared with health professionals or tracked by the user meet their goals. The Smart Body Analyzer scale will be available starting March 20 for $149.95.

[via Withings]

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