Withings ScanWatch set for US launch after ECG and SpO2 approval

Last month, we heard of the Withings ScanWatch Horizon, which so far has only been available in Europe. At the time of that writing, there was no indication that the ScanWatch Horizon would launch here in the US, but now Withings has provided an update on that front. The ScanWatch will indeed be launching here in the US following FDA approval of its ECG and SpO2 features.

In the transition to the American market, it appears that the smartwatch will drop the "Horizon" part of its name to be known simply as the "ScanWatch." Withings says that following this FDA approval, the ScanWatch has lined up a US launch for November 2021, but the company didn't give a specific release date beyond that.

In any case, FDA approval is a pretty big deal. The ScanWatch has been approved to act as both an ECG and SpO2 meter. The ScanWatch can monitor heart rate with its PPG sensor and detect atrial fibrillation within users, allowing those users to take an ECG and send it to their doctors.

In addition, the ScanWatch can be used to monitor blood oxygen levels with that SpO2 meter. With oxygen tracking, the ScanWatch is also capable of sleep monitoring and can potentially detect signs of sleep apnea. Like most smartwatches on the market these days, the ScanWatch also doubles as an activity tracker, allowing users to track their steps and calories throughout the day. The ScanWatch can even automatically detect 30 different types of workouts, whether that's walking, cycling, or swimming.

While we don't have a specific release date for the ScanWatch yet, we do know how much it will cost. Withings today announced that the ScanWatch will be available in two different case sizes: 38mm for $279 and 42mm for $299. When it launches next month, it will be available on Withings' website, Amazon, and Best Buy with black and white watch faces.