Withings brand will return by end of 2018 following Nokia Health sale

Brittany A. Roston - May 31, 2018, 1:45 pm CDT
Withings brand will return by end of 2018 following Nokia Health sale

Earlier this month, Nokia revealed that it would be selling off its Digital Health business to Withings co-founder Eric Carreel, returning the brand to its roots. Nokia had acquired Withings in 2016, forming its Digital Health division around it. However, the company had since been looking for a buyer for the division, and that’s where Carreel came in.

In a new statement published today, Carreel revealed that he has purchased back Withings and plans to relaunch the brand by the end of 2018. To make this happen, Carreel has joined back up with the team that originally launched Withings, bringing the brand full circle.

Withings offered various connected health and fitness products, and is notable as having launched the world’s first ever connected scale. The company — now sans Nokia — will continue to offer such products, but nothing specific has been introduced at this time. Carreel teases that such announcements will happen in the future, though.

In talking about his plans, Carreel said:

Since its inception, Withings has been synonymous with award-winning innovation and design. To build on this tradition of quality, I will prepare the return of the Withings brand by the end of the year—a goal that is at the heart of a strategy focused on innovation that aims to surprise, delight, and above all, help our users achieve optimal health and wellness.

The previously announced re-acquisition didn’t include any terms of the deal. For now — that is, ahead of the Withings brand relaunch — the company will sell Nokia Health products.


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