WitcherCon live stream today: CD Projekt Red, Netflix show teasers

Starting at 6PM BST (12 noon Central Time), there'll be a live stream of the event called WitcherCon. This is the first ever WitcherCon event, celebrating and expanding upon the game series and the television show. This event is co-hosted by Netflix and CD Projekt Red, and will be available to watch and devour without any pre-registration, tickets, or other goofiness.

Below you'll see a YouTube video window that you'll likely need to tap to play. This is a live stream that – if handled correctly – will transform into a recording of the live stream at a later date. If you're watching on July 9, 2021, you'll see it all happen as it is first broadcast by the people at Netflix and CD Projekt Red.

This event will include talking panels with crew and cast of the Netflix show The Witcher. It'll include CD Projekt Red developers and team members speaking about the most recent game updates. It'll include "never before seen footage" from the show and/or game, and it'll include "merch drops."

UPDATE: There'll be a second stream starting at 2AM BST on the 10th of July. That's the 10th of July at 8PM Central Time, too – a good time for a Saturday event. To be EXTRA clear, CD Projekt Red stated that there will be "no new Witcher game" announced at this event.

The second stream should appear in the YouTube window above. It's POSSIBLE this will just be a re-play of the info shared in the first event, but it COULD be more new stuff. We shall see.

UPDATE 2: Schedules are now posted for the two separate but similar event streams. The first will include a Witcher Season 2 panel with show stars, info on GWENT, "Converging Destinies", Stories Behind The Witcher Games, Geralt of T-Rivia, Inside Kaer Morhen, Monster Slayer: Live the Life of a Witcher (Spokko), The World of The Witcher Figures, and a final panel with "A Spotlight Conversation with Henry Cavill."

It looks like there'll be a lot of overlap between the two events, but there'll be tiny differences like "Strokes of Genius" instead of "Inside Kaer Morhen" "Behind the Witcher Games – Part 2". Day 2 will also have a panel called CD Projekt Red's The Witcher: Beyond Video Games!