Witchain USB drive enclosure for PSP?

The PSP makes for a great multimedia player, but unless you're willing to buy into Sony's UMD format then you'll be looking at quite a few Memory Sticks in order to keep all your media and game save data to hand.  Hard-drive case manufacturer Witchain claim to have a solution, in the shape of their 2.5-inch battery-powered drive enclosure that supposedly hooks up to a PSP via USB. Video demo of the Witchain drive in action after the cut

Be warned, though, it's not the most straightforward of systems.  If you want to use the hard-drive as just a larger external storage option, then that should plug in with no problems.  If, though, you'd like to use it to watch ISO ripped movies on your PSP, you'll need to be running some custom firmware on your PSP.  The enclosure's battery is apparently good for 3hrs use, and it will also act as a USB host for getting data off digital cameras and other devices.

Still, it's bound to appeal to some, and with the Witchain hard-drive case showing up for around €80 ($105) on eBay it could be cheaper than a handful of new Memory Sticks.  Anyone brave enough to try this out?

[via NowhereElse]