Wisair Wireless USB DisplayDock for Macs coming in March

Many people like to use notebooks exclusively because it allows them to take their work on the road if they need to. However, many of these notebook fans want a larger display and keyboard when working in the home or office and use docking stations to allow for easy connection of external gear to their notebooks.Wisair has announced that four different OEM vendors will be rolling out a new Wireless USB DisplayDock solution for Mac computers in March. The docks will allow Mac users to connect their MacBook computers to external monitors, speakers, keyboard, and a mouse without having to fiddle with any wires.

The system requires no video output connections to the MacBook and handles all the video and other connectivity with only a USB dongle having to be connected to the notebook. The system will work with all Mac platforms and uses 128-bit security to protect transmissions. The system supports video resolution up to 1440 x 1050 and has a wireless range of 30 feet.