Wireless USB upgrade for your old notebook now possible thanks to IOGear

James Allan Brady - Jan 29, 2008

Currently the most common way to add Wireless USB to anything is via a USB dongle, but how much sense does it make to take up a USB port for Wireless USB? Well, IOGear must have been thinking along the same lines as they now have a PCMCIA card that will net you Wireless USB access without taking up a USB port.

Another upside is that its probably a lot harder to break than a USB dongle. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve had such bad luck with accidentally hitting USB devices that were protruding from my notebook.

Currently we have nothing on the front of price or availability. Wireless USB is definitely a growing technology though, with it constantly being integrated into more an more devices, I am still kind of surprised/depressed it wasn’t announced as one of the many technologies in the MacBook Air.

[via everythingUSB]

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