Wireless PS3 Portable mod [Video]

Chris Davies - Jan 25, 2010
Wireless PS3 Portable mod [Video]

Even in its most recent Slim incarnation, the PS3 doesn’t exactly lend itself to portable use.  Rather than attempt to squeeze the whole console into a handheld form-factor, modder BronckartN took a more roundabout approach: his Wireless PS3 Portable is actually a display-equipped remote controller, meaning the console itself can stay put while you play it elsewhere.

Video demo after the cut

Basically the device works both as a regular wireless controller and also as a wireless display, taking the output from the PS3 and funnelling it across the network and onto the handheld’s LCD.  It’s a handy thing to have if there’s only one TV hooked up to the PS3 and someone else is using it.

While obviously not quite so functional as a complete PS3 in a handheld form-factor, by only carrying around the remote control elements we’re guessing it squeezes more power out from its battery.  Bronkart doesn’t actually document the build process, sadly, so we’ll just have to admire his handiwork in this video.

[via Gear Diary]

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