Wireless Monitor Adaptor - but who will buy it?

Sometimes you see a gadget and think "bloody hell, yes, that's what I've been waiting for", only to find that the price is, frankly, taking the piss.  Such is this, the WID101 Wireless Monitor Adaptor.  It takes the DVI signal from your PC or laptop, squishes it sufficiently to fit through an a, b or g wireless network, and streams it to a display at up to 1366x768 resolution (think 17" display, max).  Now that sounds, to me, great – I'd love a monitor in the kitchen that I could surf the net on and watch streaming video from a Media Center somewhere else in the house, but then we come to that age-old stumbling block: price.


The WID101 will cost you $995 which, in a day and age where you can pick up an entire Dell system for $479 that includes a 17" monitor, makes it a niche product that I'm having trouble thinking of a market for.

WID101 [via Gizmodo]