Wireless charging nightstand mod injects Nokia Qi into IKEA

Nokia has been flirting with wireless charging support integrated into cafe tables and Virgin Atlantic lounges, but if you want seamless rejuicing at home, a DIY wireless charging nightstand may be the way forward. The handiwork of Lumia 920 owner Lobbamobba, who turns out to be pretty handy with a chisel, the 90 minute project embeds a Nokia wireless charging pad into the top of an IKEA nightstand, meaning you can power up your phone by simply dropping it in place.

The mod takes advantage of the fact that the Qi wireless charging system which Nokia relies upon operates even if there's something in-between the pad and the phone itself. The exact distance depends on what the material is: anything from around 5mm to a few centimeters or so.

Actually fitting the pieces together is a simple case of shaving away sufficient wood in the top of the IKEA table – or, indeed, any furniture you've a mind to cut up – and then fixing the Nokia charger underneath. There's some flexibility in where you can position the phone and still get it to charge, and of course the Lumia phones give a useful alert tone when they connect properly.

A second video goes through some of the technical details, including answering those who worry that an inductive charging plate mere inches from your head all night might not be such a great idea, health-wise. Best of all, it's not Lumia-specific; numerous companies have adopted Qi, including LG for the Nexus 4, and so even if you upgrade your phone, there's still a fair chance you'll be able to use the same nightstand mod with it.

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