WiRanger provides wireless USB

I've worked for several years as a network technician, so I know the importance of keeping your cables organized. Even knowing that, it seems like in no time my desk becomes cluttered with cables of all kinds. How I long for the day when everything is wireless.

Icron's WiRanger USB hub is a device working towards that wonderful goal. At least I think it is. It is actually comprised of two devices, one plugs into your PC via USB, the other is a four-port USB hub that can sit just about anywhere (within a reasonable distance from the receiver).

Although that seems great, it's not actually that practical for your desk. You've still got cables getting plugged into it, you've only eliminated the USB cable going to the PC. However, if you had devices like say, a printer on the other side of the room, you could hook it up easily.

Icron WiRanger Extends USB 2.0 via 802.11g [via everythingusb]