Wiper app now lets you make free encrypted calls

Secure messaging is a big deal to many, with ephemeral services like Snapchat a popular choice. Still, that service has been violated many times, leading some to search for a new path forward. The last time we talked about Wiper, the service was new, and pretty amazing. For a messaging platform, the encrypted app-to-app pipeline and ability to clear the chat on both ends is special. The company has recently released version 2.0 of their app, bringing the encrypted platform full circle.

In addition to the already awesome messaging service, you'll now get free encrypted app-to-app calling. As Wiper puts it, "to ensure privacy, calls are encrypted and Wiper keeps no call log".

There's also a new YouTube viewer, so you can safely and securely share YouTube videos at your discretion. You can also search YouTube videos privately in Wiper as well.

There might be several services you can piece together for secure messaging, but none put it all together like Wiper. Now that your calls and call logs are also clandestine, your privacy is at the forefront every time — and every way — yo want to communicate.

Wiper is free to download and use, and the update is available now.

Source: iTunes, Google Play