Winscape virtual windows are cheaper than relocating [Video]

Look out of your window: does what you see make you happy?  If not, and if you've $2,500 to $3,000 to spare, Winscape have the solution.  They take two 46-inch Full HD plasma HDTVs, dress them up to look like windows, and then using a hacked Wiimote controller and some nifty software have the on-screen virtual view follow you around as if you really are looking out a real window.  Step to the left and you can see more of the vista previously hidden by the frame; step closer and everything gets bigger.Video demo after the cut

You can stand on your tip-toes and look down over the window sill and Winscape will even show you what's underneath.  If you get bored of the standard scene, the software is designed to take 1080p 30fps footage (or better) and display it.

Biggest drawback to the system is that it can only display content for one person at a time, and they have to be wearing a specially constructed IR-emitting necklace in order for the Wiimote to track them.  Still, if you have a couple of displays, a Mac Pro and everything else lying around yourself, Winscape will sell you a copy of their software for $9.95 and then various vistas for $10 each.

Winscape demo:

Making of Winscape:

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