Windows Vista SP1 could hit public beta by middle of next month

James Allan Brady - Nov 30, 2007

Plans are to have a private public beta for the first week of December and then to release a public beta the week after that. Meaning the plans for a public release by January should still hold.

If you’ve been reading SlashGear for any time at all, then you probably have heard our underlying disgust with Vista as an operating system, its not because we are all Mac fanboys or because we are afraid of change, I know at least on my behalf I even gave the OS a try, and it just sucked, literally, the system resources from my system. And I kind of liked the things Vista had right, but if I can’t bring my brand new system out of a slow creep due to the OS, then something is seriously wrong.

Regardless, I am hoping deep down inside that SP1 makes it a truly usable OS again. I am using it again (for now) on a new laptop I just got, it came with Home Basic and I upgraded it to Home Premium, if all goes well with it, I might give it a go on my desktop again, but I doubt it, I like the control I have over my PC and how it works with XP.

Word is that if the Release Candidate that will be released to certain public beta testers in the first week, and everyone else the second week of December, works out then that could be what gets released. Also, you shouldn’t expect any speed gains from this update, just better/more compatibility and some bug fixes.

Windows Vista SP1 RC could go public in mid-December [via downloadsquad]

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