Windows Vista finally attains 30% share

Microsoft Windows Vista has been available to the public for over two years, but it just now achieved 30% share. For so long, Windows XP remained the popular Microsoft choice, but it is now slowly losing share and has dropped down to a little more than 57% share.

According to StatCounter information, Vista is most popular among those switching from older PC models and those doing their computing on the weekends, meaning it is the primary leisure computer platform for PC users. However, Windows XP has lost share much more quickly than Vista has gained it, showing a trend for XP users to switch to Mac OS X. 

This is backed up by the fact that Apple has grown substantially in the last two months–from 6.6% share to 8.3% share between January and March. So what does this all mean? Vista is picking up momentum (finally) but the initial Vista blunders have driven some to Mac. And even though Vista is doing much better now, it may be replaced altogether once Windows 7 is released. 

[via Electronista]