Windows update let users know if their PC supports Windows 11

Traditionally, most computer users aren't fast at upgrading from one version of Windows to another. While most PC users just want a machine that works and gets security updates, others want to get the latest version of Windows soon as it's available. Anyone looking forward to Windows 11 when it launches later this year will want to know if their computer supports the new operating system.

Previously, Microsoft confirmed that eligible devices would get an updated OS via Windows Update. Recently, Microsoft added a notification in the Release Preview Channel that provides more information about if the PC will work with Windows 11. Users will see the new notification on the Release Preview Channel build when they use the PC Health Check Tool.

The tool has been available for a while and allows users to check their hardware compatibility with Windows 11. With the new notification bar, users get more information on if their machine supports Windows 11 and other details. Similarly, Microsoft will have similar messages that pop up for computers that don't meet the requirements for Windows 11.

While it's unclear, the assumption would be that those messages would tell users specifically what about their computer is incompatible so they could potentially upgrade their device. Processors that will support Windows 11 include eighth-generation Intel processors and higher along with AMD Ryzen 2000 or newer processors. Some older processors are also supported, including seventh-generation Core X, Xeon W-Series, and Intel's Core i7-7820HQ.

Unfortunately for computer users who purchased a Microsoft Surface device, including the Surface Laptop, those machines won't support Windows 11. Considering the cost of Microsoft's Surface devices, owners will certainly not appreciate that. The new notification is currently rolling out to Windows Insider users in the Release Preview Channel.