Windows RT Samsung tablets axed amid low demand in EU

It would appear that the Windows RT environment has not quite caught on as fast as Samsung would have liked it to, as more than one report out of Germany this week is saying they've decided to leave the market entirely – or at least in Deutschland. At the moment this will just mean – if substantiated – that the Samsung ATIV Tab RT won't be available through local retailers in Germany. Everywhere else in the world – everywhere else that this device has previously been available, that is – will continue to sell the device as planned.

The Windows RT version of the Samsung ATIV Tab is basically a powered-down version of what we got to see last year in the Samsung ATIV Smart PC from AT&T – or at least that's what the public is understanding, given the general feedback for the two platforms we've seen so far. Why get a Windows RT tablet when you could get a device in essentially the same body with Windows 8 – and a heartier processor?

The question of Windows 8's ability to withstand the market on tablets alone is also being called into question by the quick in-and-out of the news cycle that's happening with the majority of the devices revealed since the dawn of the OS. Windows RT being the tablet-specific version of Windows 8 made for devices without keyboards has Samsung hesitant to move forward with it through the future.

We've yet to see Samsung actually cut out Windows RT devices from their sales points in Germany and/or other European checkpoints, but the near future may prove this set of tips to be more than just a bad vibe for Microsoft. Keep your eyes peeled for additional confirmations from all angles.

[via Engadget]