Windows Phone Will Beat Blackberry According To Verizon CEO

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam has stated that he thinks Windows Phone will be beat Blackberry in the fight to become the third operating system in the smartphone realm. That's not saying much though with RIM and the Blackberry platform taking such a beating that some have called for RIM to sell off its IP assets. It's obvious by consumer habits and purchases that there is no room for hoards of operating systems on the market.

Android and iOS will continue to battle for the top spot of the near future and the third spot will be a distant third to the leaders. While RIM is having serious issues, Windows Phone isn't faring much better. A report cited by InformaitonWeek published by Connected Enterprise is not so certain about the third place future for Microsoft. Apparently, 45% of consumers have never heard of Windows Phone 7.

Still, I would expect that WP7 will pull out the third place win and beat RIM eventually unless RIM can come up with an interesting smartphone. Interesting and RIM don't often meet. The ironic part to me is that the best Microsoft can hope for is third.