Windows Phone voice recognition gets accuracy boost and doubled speeds

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 17, 2013, 9:10 pm CDT
Windows Phone voice recognition gets accuracy boost and doubled speeds

Windows Phone users may have noticed speedier results when using voice recognition in recent weeks, and depending on how well the feature works for them, perhaps also a slight increase in accuracy. This is because Microsoft has just announced a Bing update that has been getting pushed to users over the last few weeks, bringing with it a couple improvements.

In particular, users who have received the update will have twice the results speed than previously, as well as results that are more accurate by 15-percent, according to Microsoft. To get an idea of how much faster the results are, you can check out a side-by-side comparison of the current version and the previous version pulling up results in the video below.

As is explained in the video, the faster speeds and better accuracy is the result of Deep Neural Networks, called DNN for short, which Microsoft says is an “advanced approach” to boosting the feature. The DNN system functions by means of pattern detection, which is said to be inspired by how neurons in the brain work, and that the process is similar to a digital equivalent of biological pattern recognition.

The work was done in conjunction with Microsoft Research, also known as MSR, which is responsible for technologies used in the DNN system. Those technological innovations were combined with Bing’s index to both boost the service’s voice recognition accuracy, and to also improve the technology’s rate of learning.

Microsoft advises users that it is working on further enhancements to its voice recognition and other areas related to it, with the improvements being aimed at several of the company’s products and services. It doesn’t given a time frame for when the next round of improvements will be seen, only that we can expect it “in the future.”


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