Windows Phone Is First Platform To Get AmazonFresh App For Grocery Shopping

This app is sort of interesting, but the concept is certainly not new. There have been online grocery shopping services before and they have all eventually gone under. Amazon is trying the online grocery thing out again and looking to get the service onto smartens with a new app. You might think that the place to start would be to make the app for the iPhone or Android smartphones. Amazon has chosen Windows Phone as the place to start with the AmazonFresh app.

AmazonFresh is the name of the Amazon grocery shopping service. This actually makes sense when you realize that the grocery delivery service is only in Seattle right now. Seattle is home to Microsoft and you can bet that compared to other areas there is a huge number of Windows Phone devices being used in Seattle. Microsoft has 40,000 employees in the area. That is about half the population of my entire city.

Just in case a bunch of the people in the area are using the iPhone, the mobile site for AmazonFresh is iPhone optimized. The Windows Phone devices are just the first to get the mobile app. The items that the shopper picks with the app are delivered on the same day when available. That is cool because I want until I have to get groceries that day to go shopping.

[via GeekWire]