Windows Phone getting its own find friends app with People Sense

Adam Westlake - Feb 22, 2015, 12:00pm CST
Windows Phone getting its own find friends app with People Sense

There are a number of ways to track and locate friends and family on both iOS and Android devices, but what if you’re a Windows Phone user? Well, it seems Microsoft is developing its own app for such features, so you may soon be in luck. Assuming you actually have a friend or family member that owns a Windows Phone. The app is called People Sense and is still in development, but a quick video preview shows that it functions much like Apple’s Find My Friends for iOS.

The quick look comes courtesy of Spain’s Microsoft Place, who recently got some hands-on time with Microsoft‘s current build of the app, which is currently going by the internal codename Buddy Aware. Windows Phone users will be pleased that People Sense is sporting an interface and design that perfectly matches their choice of mobile device.

For the tracking features, the app integrates heavily with Bing Maps, and goes a step further than just displaying real-time locations by quickly providing directions for two users to meet up in person. People Sense also focuses on letting users call or message their contacts from within the app, as opposed to having to switch back and forth between a dedicated messaging platform.

No word of an official release date yet, and People Sense is said to still be in limited beta testing. But there’s a strong chance it could play a part in Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10, as well as working its way onto Surface tablets as well.

SOURCE Microsoft Place

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